One autumn morning, Magnus Fox’s life as an accountant is thrown into chaos when vultures begin to follow him everywhere, a mouse causes him to crash his new Porsche, and a beautiful and mysterious woman tells him that he can find his life’s true purpose at a secret bookstore.

     As if all this wasn’t enough, an elderly man, who seems to know everything about Magnus, appears and offers to help him look for the bookstore. However, this means leaving behind everything, and embarking on a journey to a distant forest.

    Desperate to live a meaningful life, and fueled by a growing obsession with the enigmatic woman, Magnus decides to conquer his doubts and fears and join the stranger on the quest.

    As a shadowy figure stalks them and the vultures continually circle overhead, more unusual events unfold. Soon Magnus begins to feel he’s living in a fairy tale— a magical place where anything is possible.