1. You like thinking; you prefer someone else to think for you.
  2. Your own life is boring; your own life is too exciting and you need a respite from it.
  3. Changes frighten you; changes exhilarate you.
  4. You believe in possibilities; you don’t believe in possibilities.
  5. You are hopeful; you feel despair.
  6. You feel burdened by time; you feel time is limitless(perhaps you are young and your life is just beginning?)
  7. You are tired of your life as it is; you love your life.
  8. You live outside the box; you live inside a box(perhaps inside many boxes.)
  9. You feel  it is too late to change your life; you believe life is full of opportunities.
  10. You feel young; you feel old.
  11. You feel too old; you feel too young.
  12. You feel stuck; you feel unglued.
  13. You are happy; you are sad.
  14. You feel lost; you feel found.
  15. You love silence; stillness terrifies you.
  16. You believe in fairy tales; you prefer facts.
  17. You are on a journey; you are about to start a journey; you wish you could start a journey, but don’t know how.
  18. You want to know what the meaning of life is; you already know the purpose of your life.
  19. You want to change your life; you want to keep your life exactly like it is now.
  20. You like adventures; you like nesting safely at home.